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Lifeboat operations team

Lifeboat Operations Manager (LOM)

A key role at the station, the LOM is responsible for managing all operational activities at the lifeboat station, authorising the launch of a lifeboat and the day-to-day management of the station.

Roger Bowen Burry Port RNLI

Deputy Launching Authority (DLA)

The DLA deputises for the LOM, when the LOM is unavailable

Ian Francis RNLI Mike Howells RNLI Andrew Pullman RNLI Darren Sheppard RNLI Rob Davies RNLI Gary Morgan RNLI


These individuals are appointed to take command of search and rescue (SAR) units when at sea. It is their duty to use their utmost endeavour to safeguard and rescue the lives of those in danger, while having regard for the safety of their own crew.


The Mechanic is responsible for the lifeboat engines and equipment. They have a detailed programme of planned maintenance, ensuring the lifeboats are always ready for service, and in first-class condition.

Alun Wells RNLI

Head Launcher

The Head Launcher, acting under the direction of the Helmsman, takes charge of operations connected with the launching and recovery of the SAR unit. They oversee a team of shore crew, which will include specialist skills such as vehicle drivers.


The Driver's main role is the safe operation of all RNLI vehicles used during the launch and recovery of any SAR unit.

Christopher Edwards RNLI Craig Griffiths RNLI Mal O'Connell RNLI Lee Howells RNLI Darren Caines RNLI Paul Stewart RNLI Richard Parsons RNLI Osian Bowen RNLI Nathan Gower RNLI Lee Fox RNLI Jared Phillips RNLI Rhydian Bowen RNLI John Massocchi RNLI Josh Morris RNLI

Who do you report to ?

With so many different people operating at the lifeboat station, it is important to know who you should report to.

The answer is that you report to the most senior member of your team.

# Lifeboat crew volunteers will report to the Helmsman.

# Shore crew volunteers will report to the Head Launcher, or in his absence                        will report to the LOM.

Ultimately all volunteers at the station report directly to the LOM.

If, for any reason, you cannot contact any of these people, you must report to the most senior person available, LOM, DLA or Helmsman.

Luke Maliphant RNLI Kevin Lloyd RNLI Andrew Williams RNLI Mike Jenkins RNLI Paul Mitchell RNLI Nick Jones RNLI Paul Williams RNLI Kelvin Rees RNLI Zoe Saltiel RNLI Catrin Burt RNLI Steve Williams RNLI Gary Davies RNLI Tracy Phipps RNLI Jonathan Pullman RNLI Doug Humphrey RNLI Meg Vaughan RNLI Christian Evans RNLI Jay Castle RNLI Megan Vaughan RNLI Eli Jenkins RNLI Sharon Sheppard RNLI